Feng Shui Consultation at Tejas Haven

We provide professional services

Feng Shui is all about the balance of ‘chi’/‘qi’ or energies. Through the placement of Feng Shui elements, we can gather positive energy to assure good fortune in every aspect of our life in areas such as business, wealth, career, health, relationships and academic achievement. At the same time, we can channel out negative energy to create harmony in our space.

Below are the different types of Feng Sui consultation that we offer:-

60 to 90 minutes - $100

I would calculate your personal Feng Shui number and will advise you on the best possible way that you can nourish yourself in your space. This includes giving you a detailed information about which directions are best for you and help create more success, abundance, good health, and love in your life. Knowing your Feng Shui number gives you another way to bring balance and harmony into your life.

Residential Consultation - Starts from $688, incl GST (for a 2 bed, 1 bath property)
Small Business Consultation - Starts from $888 incl GST (Small business here refers to a business with less than 10 staff)

Initial consultation includes an on-site visit and a description of what does a Feng Shui analysis involves. Upon agreeing for an analysis, I would require a deposit of half of the agreed sum, with the balance paid upon completion of analysis.

I would then need to have the birthdate of the occupants of the building and an accurate floor plan drawn to scale showing all the rooms, doors and windows. I would also need to know the construction date of the building and if there have been any renovations or extensions done within the 20 year period (eg 1944-1964, 1964 – 1984 etc)

I would then have another on-site visit and would provide a comprehensive analysis within 5 business days. The analysis would include recommendations that will maximise the energy of the building for the occupants so that there is improvement in areas concerning the health, wealth and relationship of the occupants.

The analysis will include:

  • A comprehensive written report incorporating Form, Compass and Flying Star School.
  • A comprehensive analysis that includes all the rooms and surrounding of the residence/ business
  • Recommendations on improving all aspects of life/ business by activating energies corresponding to the occupants of the residence/ business
  • Recommendations on how to overcome the annual afflictions and neutralising negative energies that are practical and inexpensive
  • Advice on furniture arrangement, decor, colours and furnishings
  • Ongoing telephone and email support
  • A good rate on annual assessment each year
Starts from $188 (depends on the requirement)

It is actually a wise move to appoint a Feng Shui Consultant prior to renovating or building as this would ensure the design optimizes the positive energy and neutralize any negative energy thus creating a more harmonious environment for you, the occupants of the home and the surroundings.