Crystal healing

Crystal Therapy & Energy Healing at Tejas Haven

Every organism has a ‘vibrational energy system’, which includes chakras, electromagnetic fields around your body known as an aura, subtle bodies and meridians. Crystal healing therapy uses crystals and stones that provides a natural healing frequency that can be activated to unblock and/or balancing the ‘vibrational energy system’ of the body. As all stones and crystals possess their own vibration frequency and by using the appropriate crystals, one can tap and tune into the energy system or rebalance energies, thus improving a person’s well-being.

With the channeling of the Divine Energy/Higher Self, I would incorporate my own intuitive ability while activating the healing power of the crystals or stones for an effectual healing.

Initial treatment would usually include the use of chakra crystals and stones for Chakra Cleansing, Recharging and Balancing. Subsequent treatment may include Crystal Layouts or Nets, depending on the client’s energy state. Crystal Layouts or Nets involve placing crystals in special patterns on and around the body to access and unblock the key paths of energy flow.

The Crystal Layouts or Nets could assist in the following aspects:-

  • Enhancing creativity
  • Emotional calm and clarity of mind
  • Balancing the heart energies
  • Relief physical of aches and pains
  • Releasing pent up energy/ emotions in the heart
  • Releasing pent up trauma/ experience
  • Alleviating stress and tension after a trauma
  • Alleviating depression
  • Clearing blockage to head (especially for those who suffer from headaches)
  • Memory improvement and concentration (best before exams or presentation)
  • Increasing self confidence
  • Revitalizing intimacy in relationship

Initial consultation consist of a Chakra Cleansing, Recharging and Balancing Session. Tarot/ Angel Card Readings are optional.

Subsequent treatment would depend on the Crystal Layout or Net used and the frequency of treatments/ consultations. As everyone’s energy patterns is different, to maximize the benefit of crystal healing, it is recommended that a minimum of 3 sessions be taken.

An aura is the energy field that surrounds your body. After some time, with all the emotional, physical and environmental interactions that we go through in our everyday life, we end up holding on to a lot of charges in our energy field. This will make us feel physically stressed and emotionally drained. Cleansing our auras enable us to release those charges that is harming us.